03 January 2011

Vintage Fire Engines and the Maple Leaf Rag

This 1000-piece puzzle was one of the things that I gave Lucas for Christmas.We spent a couple of hours last night trying to put it together. Let me tell you, this puzzle is hard. For all our hard work, all we have to show for so far is the top lettering and three corner pieces. Still, this is definitely becoming a wonderful couple's bonding activity. In fact, "complete a 1000-piece puzzle" is one of the many things on our couple's to-do list.

So why exactly am I sharing this? 

Well, after forcing him to listen to Lifehouse and Katy Perry for a little over an hour, I decided to play my collection of Scott Joplin's piano rags. (Yes, I do have this collection on my iTunes.) Lucas noted that "this fits the theme of the puzzle perfectly!" and he seemed to really enjoy it. Then again, I'm sure he would have enjoyed anything other than "I Kissed a Girl." :)

I also created a fashion inspiration board based on our puzzle and my favorite ragtime song, "Maple Leaf Rag." Who the heck creates outfits based on 1000-piece puzzles and a song that's over 110 years old? I do, apparently. Enjoy!


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