22 January 2011

Watch: "Twelfth Night"

I saw this film, "Twelfth Night" (1996), in my Shakespeare class last semester and I fell in love with it. Although it wasn't a perfect adaptation of Shakespeare's play, what I loved most about this film was:
1) Director and screenwriter Trevor Nunn took artistic liberties in rearranging some of the scenes and omitting dialogue, but ultimately stayed true to Shakespeare's play.
2) Absolutely stunning scenery. The story was moved from the Elizabethan era to 19th century Cornwall - much more my cup of tea.
3) I loved the music. When paired with the scenery, it was like watching a moving Impressionist painting.
4) Superb cast - Imogen Stubbs was flawless as Viola/Cesario, as was Helena Bonham Carter as Olivia. Ben Kingsley was an interesting choice as the wise fool, Feste. And Toby Stephens (Duke Orsino) was definitely easy on the eyes. :) 

To me, the play/film's most clear message is not only how love causes suffering, but how common it is for people to actually enjoy that suffering. I found myself asking, "Does Orsino really love Olivia? Or is he just in love with the idea of being in love?"

Viola is hands down, my favorite Shakespearean heroine. I love how she is always truthful about her feelings, even if she has to disguise her identity. It kind of makes you wonder, if this girl can wear her heart on her sleeve even while pretending to be someone else, what excuse do the rest of us have?

Is is just me, or does a young Helena Bonham Carter look kind of like Keira Knightley?

Inspired by "Twelfth Night"
1. puffed sleeve military jacket from Forever 21
2. gray dress from Ruche
3. veiled headband from Forever 21
4. silk blouse from Net-A-Porter
5. antique ring from Erie Basin
6. Victorian boots from brandsonSale

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