06 March 2011

Say Hello to My New Layout

I'll be the first to admit it: I am a perfectionist. That's why I spent way too much time changing things around on my blog until I was satisfied. Really though, all I did was change my background and the fonts on my header. Oh yeah, and I came up with a cute little slogan too: Love. Life. Style. 
- because I blog about love, life, and style
...as well as my love life and my lifestyle.

How clever and English majorly of me, right? Hehe.


  1. I know so well what you mean; I just finished my design to my blog. It took me one week, but I'm pleased. :)

  2. I love playing around with my blog design, it's like decorating your house without the mess! Also, love your new slogan, it's perfect.
    Anne x


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