01 March 2011

Style Post 3.1.11

This was what I wore yesterday to speak to the assistant principal at a local high school about observation opportunities. I also wore this outfit to class that night.
I'd say this is a more grown up version of the classic schoolgirl look. It feels very elite New York private school - a little more sophisticated than the plaid miniskirt and knee socks combo I used to wear all the time.
Check out my enormous bag. It totally goes with my preppy chic look, don't you think? I first spotted it while Christmas shopping a few months ago. I kept stalking that bag until it was on clearance...and I got the last one left in the store!
Yup, I wore Dr. Martens with this outfit to toughen it up a little bit. [I feel like all I've been showing on here lately have been super girly, slightly saccharine outfits.] But here's proof that I don't always wear pink. :)
It was really cold after my night class and another sweater or a coat would have looked weird with this outfit. So I threw on this amazing navy and red pocket scarf. I wish I had taken pictures with it on. This scarf pretty much MADE the outfit.

wig: Jasmin Barnes at My Wig Studio
mock two-piece sweater dress: Forever 21
ruffle bag: Charlotte Russe
lace up boots: Dr. Martens
pocket scarf: Nordstrom


  1. i love that look and your cardigan is so cute x

  2. Love the look dear!! If only uniforms could be like that haha :D

  3. this outfit is an awe for me!! I love the patches and pins - the school girl look! your blog is one of the most dainty-ist i've seen, I know the standard or recom is plain but designs are amazing esp when you're creative.=)
    thanks for following back=)
    p.s , no way, you're wearing a wig? I'd love to check the wig store too!

  4. You totally pull off the preppy chic look! You look great. =]


    P.S. Thanks for being in the CleartheWay community group on IFB. Contribute often, it is greatly appreciated!


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