25 April 2011

Lovely Rooms

Happy Monday! Since I am still in the middle of organizing and decorating my new room, I thought it'd be fun to share these pictures of other lovely rooms I found. I hope you will all be just as inspired as I was.
Here's proof that white on white doesn't have to look boring. I love the crystal chandelier - so feminine! - and that armchair looks it would be the perfect place to read a good book.
The pink walls remind of me of my room at my old house. But what I really love about this room are the lights haphazardly strung on the bed and window. Who says Christmas lights are just for Christmas?
Sky blue is so calming, which makes it the perfect color for a bedroom. Can you guess what my favorite part of this room is? Yup, that's right: the writing desk. I want one.
If my dreams were to come true and I could live in a house in the middle of the forest, I would definitely want this bed.
Birch logs + twinkle lights = gorgeous.
The colors of this room make it look a little too much like a nursery, but I love the sheer curtains and the off-white furniture. And someday, I'm going to want a dressing table and mirror too!
Does this picture look familiar? It was part of my first Lovely Things Post and I loved it so much that I just had to feature it again.
Here's another white on white room that's a little bit more modern than the first one. I love how the white makes the whole room look clean and streamlined while the ruffled bedding adds softness.
This would have been my dream room back when I was about 9 years old. (Heck, even at 22, I still love it!) I can imagine ballerina prints on the wall and maybe curtains made out of tulle.
 This room is the most similar to the one I have right now. Just take out the curtains and change the wall and floor colors to taupe, and you have my room. I wish I could have the chair in this photo too!

[all images from we♥it]


  1. Gayle, These rooms are all so cute, perfectly girlish. I never thought an all white on white room could look so good. They all have a relaxing feel to them. Great post and good luck with re doing your room.


  2. I don't even know witch one is the best. So so beautiful.


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