10 June 2011

FBFF: Summer Trends

This week's FBFF post is all about the five trends I'm most excited about wearing all summer. (Pretty ironic considering that we're experiencing a June gloom right now.) Oh well, the sun has to come out sooner or later! :) Anyway, I wouldn't say that I'm a hardcore trend spotter. It's more like, I see something I'll like and I'll wear it, regardless of what's "in." Case in point: supposedly 70's inspired-bell bottom jeans are "in" now. I refuse to wear anything but skinny or boot cut jeans, just because those are the only kind that are flattering on me.

Well, enough of my babbling, here are the five things that I'm looking forward to wearing this summer:

1) The Little White Dress - Here's a summery alternative to the classic little black dress. Paired with a colorful cardigan, these would be perfect for brunch with your best friend. These dresses could also be dressed up for nighttime with metallic heels and jewelry. And for those nights when it's too cold to go out with bare legs, black tights would look amazing under these dresses.

2) Maxi Dresses - I used to think these wouldn't be flattering on me because I'm so short. However, I've discovered that it is actually possible to wear a maxi dress even if you're under 5'4" IF you 1) wear some kind of heel or wedge, 2) choose a dress that isn't too voluminous, and 3) wear a belt to define your waistline. These dresses are great for trying out the 70's trend that's supposed to be really big for this summer.

3) Coral - I'm not usually a fan of orange, but I love this pinkish shade of orange.This color would look very pretty paired with white (perfect for the beach!) Add aqua to the mix and you'll have a perfect retro-inspired color palette.

4) Vintage-Inspired Swimsuits - Not only are these swimsuits amazingly glamorous, but they also tend to be more figure-flattering for curvy girls. I would love to try out a high waisted swimsuit, but I'd be worried about the weird tan line I'd get. :)

5) Floral Prints - I will always love floral prints, no matter what the season is. That being said, floral prints are especially beautiful in the late spring and summer, when the sun is shining and it's warm enough to wear sundresses and sandals. :)
Bottom Row: Floral Purse, Top, Skirt


  1. Visiting from FBFF...

    Love the coral necklace and the retro swim suits.
    That floral top from ruche is very cute. I almost bought it...


  2. I love my maxis in the summer but think this year I might have to brave a white dress - however it always scares me to sit down anywhere when I think of wearing white!!

    Great post :)

  3. I don't have a LWD but it's posts like these that make me think that is a huge error in my wardrobe. I might need to begin looking out for that! Love the bottom three bathing suits as well! - Katy


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