05 August 2011

FBFF: Location Influences Fashion

Today's FBFF post is all about how where we come from and where we live now influences how we dress. Katy of Modly Chic asks a very interesting question: When it comes to personal style, "are we informed by the trends as much as those around us and the atmosphere we live in?"

My friends and I with California Casual style, circa 2007

1) What part of the world do you blog from? I'm blogging from a small-ish city (approximate population: 75,000) in the middle of Orange County, California.

2) If you had to describe the overall mode of dress for where you live, what would you say? It really goes without saying that most people around here dress in the "California Casual" style. Despite what the stereotypes may say, we're not all surfers. Still, there is a definite beachy vibe in the way people dress. Think tank tops and shorts when it's warm and sweatshirts and jeans when it's cold. "Dressing  up" usually means a sundress and flip flops. And yes, we do wear flip flops year round.

3) Do you fit in with the status quo around you or do you break the mold? It depends on the circumstances. If it's hot, - like it has been lately - I am perfectly content wearing tank tops and flip flops. I wouldn't call those my super stylish outfits though. Once the weather cools down enough to where layering isn't a death trap, I like to dress up a little (okay, a lot) more. I'm sure I get strange looks sometimes, especially when I'm wearing something super feminine/ruffly/dressy at school. And I know for a fact that people stare when I'm out on a date with my boyfriend, who practically lives in basketball shirts and t-shirts.

4) If you have lived or traveled to another part of the country/world, did your clothing choices evolve? When I was 17, I went on a cruise to Alaska with my family...in June. Not only did I have a great time dressing up for fancy dinners on the ship, but I also really loved dressing for the cold Alaskan weather. Seriously, how many girls from Southern California get to wear chic wool coats in the summertime? :)

5) If  you had to describe your style by naming a specific city, what would you be? Wow, this question is really hard! As a self-described vintage-inspired personal style blogger, I'd say my style is more influenced by period films than specific places. But still, cities that come to mind are old New York (The Age of Innocence and The Great Gatsby) and Charleston (the lovely city where The Notebook was filmed). Deep down though, I think I'll always be a Southern California girl at heart. ♥


  1. I know what you mean about dressing for winter weather. I'm from SF and when I lived in LA I got rid of all of my winter clothing. Now that I'm back in SF I'm back to my wool sweaters and cashmere shawls. I love the sun and hot weather but winter clothes can be so fun.

  2. Ah, Orange County style. I did my undergrad in Whittier, so I fondly remember that OC flip-flop sound. I still can't bring myself to wear them, but I remember them well.

    I'm so glad, by the way, that you were interested in the Academia and Fashion group! You're all linked up and warmly welcomed. Go forth and study English in style (an activity that this English Ph.D. student approves of!)

  3. aah yes i love dressing for the winter! i'm from jersey and while i love wearing cute sundresses and shorts, sometimes i just want to get out my big comfy sweaters and slouchy boots and go hehe. i found you through fbff and i love your blog so i'm now following! if you get the chance i would love it if you could check out my blog as well. peace :)

    lindsay @ lindsayelizabethm.blogspot.com


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