03 September 2011

FBFF: Top Fall 2011 Fashion Trends

You'll have to forgive me to posting this one day late. Despite having no classes, Friday was a busy day for me! (Actually, I have to be honest - I pretty much spent the day hanging out with my boyfriend and his brothers and watching baseball. Tee hee.) 

Anyway, this week's FBFF prompt is to list my top Fall 2011 fashion trends. Admittedly, I don't follow fashion trends too closely. I tend to build my wardrobe based more on what I like than what's trendy. That being said, I'm really loving what I'm seeing for this coming season:

1) Capes and Ponchos. I'm so glad that this capes and ponchos are "in" again! What's not to love? These pieces are incredibly versatile and their one-size-fits-all sizing makes getting dressed that much easier. I have a gorgeous cranberry red one that I've only worn once...at least five Christmases ago. It'll definitely make more than one appearance this fall and winter! I also really love the one pictured below. It looks just as comfortable as leaving the house with your favorite blanket, but much more stylish.

2) Mustard. Now that we're getting closer and closer to fall, it's time to trade the sunny yellows of summer for the more season-appropriate shade of mustard. This brilliant and golden shade of yellow reminds me of the changing leaves and it's sure to make most complexions glow. I'm wearing mustard hued tights in my latest Style Post, even though they do like slightly orange in the photos.

3) Maxi Skirts + Sweaters. In past years, the coming of fall meant having to put away your favorite summery maxi skirt until next spring. Not anymore! I love the new trend of pairing a long, flowing skirt with an oversize sweater. It's a very cozy, effortless look that would look even better with fall's knit hats and cloches. I'm definitely giving this look a try once it's sweater weather.

4) Jade Green. I always surprise people when I tell them that my favorite color is not pink, but green. My favorite shade is emerald, but I also really love jade green, which is supposed to be super popular this fall. It's a gorgeous jewel tone and it pairs equally well with sparkling gold jewelry and low key neutrals.

5) Lace. If you've been following my blog for a while, you'd know that I believe lace is beautiful no matter what the season. I will always love delicate lace dresses and tops in white and shades of pink. However, this fall I want to start wearing lace pieces that are more sexy and sophisticated than pretty and demure. Black and white will always be a classic combination, but add lace to the equation and you have a look that is beyond stunning.


  1. I'm in love with that green skirt, looks amazing.

  2. Mustard is definitely on of my favourite colours especially for autumn. I love that Jade green skirt too!

  3. I have that emerald green maxi skirt that's in your pic haha. I also recently purchased a mustard colored blazer. Love those colors, especially together.


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