10 October 2011

Style Post 10.10.11

Another Monday = another day to dress up. I had to present something in class today, so I took it as a perfect opportunity to wear something fabulous. It wasn't a formal presentation or anything like that. All I had to do was go stand in front of the class and read a poem that I had written. Still, there's nothing wrong with equating nice clothes to an extra shot of confidence, right? :)

Although I would normally finish off an outfit like this with a black cardigan, today I decided to try wearing this black cape I found at Kohl's. As you can see from some of these pictures, I really enjoyed twirling and posing with it. (Oh and by the way, do you recognize this dress? It's the same one I wore for my 22nd birthday.)

Dress: Frenchi. Necklace: thrifted. Flower Hairpins: Icing by Claire's. Tights: Nordstrom. Cape: Kohl's. Platform Mary Janes: Steve Madden. 


  1. Love the cape!


  2. Love this look! There is nothing wrong with dressing up to keep your confidence. I love your classic black tights and that cape from Kohls looks amazing!


  3. Very pretty dress and your cape is gorgeous :) + the flowers on your hair are lovely <3 I'm following you now :)


  4. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog =) This is such a cute outfit! I absolutely adore the dress, it fits you so well, and there's nothing like wearing a favourite dress and heels for confidence =D
    Following you now =)


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