24 November 2011

Thankful Thoughts: Things I Love About ME

If I could change one thing about our society - just one little thing - it would be how we perceive ourselves. Too often when we look into the mirror, we fall into a self-deprecating trap and end up belittling ourselves, nitpicking every minor "flaw." Well I say, no more! No more obsessing over too big or too small x's, y's, or z's or beating ourselves up over those last ten pounds. It is Thanksgiving after all!

Ladies, let's take a moment to stop dwelling on the negative and instead start focusing on the positive, beautiful aspects of ourselves. List five things you love most about your physical appearance - five things that you are most thankful for. I promise, no one's going to judge you or accuse you of being conceited. After all, confidence is beautiful. :)

Note: Thank you Michelle of The Fierce Glamour for this wonderful idea!

1) My Facial Structure
I love my pointy chin, wide cheekbones, and flat Asian nose. (My mom used to pinch my nose over and over again when I was younger "so that it will turn out pointier." I'm not sure if it actually worked. Haha.) Anyway, having a heart shaped face means I can wear my hair shoulder length, long with side swept bangs, or short as a bob or pixie cut. By the way, I have a pixie cut right now. I'll be sure to post pictures soon!

2) My Eyes
I'm obviously wearing green contact lenses in the first photo of this post, but my eyes are naturally very dark brown. They look almost black in most lighting and chocolate brown in the sunlight. I also really like their shape. I've been told that my deep set, almond shaped eyes make me look mysterious.

3) My Smile
I don't know if I'm simply lucky or if I just had exceptional oral hygiene as a child. Either way, I have (almost) perfectly straight and evenly spaced teeth - and I've never had braces. Also, I'm almost 23 and my wisdom teeth still haven't come out. Who knows? Maybe I'll also be lucky enough to never have to get them removed.

4) My Curves
I will admit that I'm definitely not as thin as I was in high school...and I am more than okay with that. I enjoy having boobs and a butt, and a tiny waist too! To be honest, I stopped weighing myself a long time ago. Forget that stupid Kate Moss quote about how supposedly nothing tastes as good as skinny feels or whatever. She's obviously never had Nutella...

...or a life changing-ly amazing home cooked Thanksgiving meal.

5) My Height
I'm actually not that much shorter than my BestFriend. She's wearing heels in this picture and I'm wearing flats. Still, the point is that I'm short. I am just under 5'2", which means that I will always have to get my jeans hemmed and shop in the petite section of Banana Republic. But you know what? I'm not complaining. Being petite means I can wear dresses from Forever 21 that would be way too short on taller girls. It also means I can wear as high of a heel as I want without towering over my boyfriend.

Anyway, that's all for tonight. It's 2 in the morning where I am right now. Oops! Before I get my beauty sleep, I just want to say...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my amazing and beautiful followers!


  1. This is beautiful! Thanks so much for linking up! I'm also short and totally understand the love of it! It is much easier to get clothes cut off then not find the right length in the first place!

  2. I read this post when i was feeling really down about myself. Thank you for posting this. I feel much better about myself now. It made me realize, why should I be busy nitpicking my flaws when I can appreciate the good things about myself and have fun? Haha :D

  3. Beautiful post! I know I'm sort of late commenting, since you posted this three years ago, but this has really brightened my day! 💟 :)


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