03 January 2012

Holiday Recap

This is what I wore for my family's Christmas party. This year, I wanted to try something different from the usual red or green. I found this sapphire blue dress at Charlotte Russe and I knew that its simple silhouette would be perfect for dressing up with statement jewelry. These gorgeous feathered pumps were my Christmas present from my mom. :)

This is me with my cousin Brian. We're pretty close since we're the only two "kids" in our family still in our late teens/early 20's. We had just finished eating when my mom decided to take this picture.

Me with my cousin Ashley - my Secret Santa this year. Check out her headband! I like to think that she has my sense of style too. Haha.

My favorite cousins and I, just hanging out and taking random pictures.

Here I am making faces at my...second cousin? nephew? My family tree is pretty confusing...

 ...It's because there are so many of us. This is a group photo of all my cousins, or at least, all of my cousins who were at the party. In reality, there are about 30 of us.

Yeah, I definitely wasn't kidding about having a huge family. :)

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