22 May 2012

I graduated!

As promised, here are the pictures from my college graduation last Sunday. It's only been two days since then, but I still think it's going to take me a while to get used to the idea that I am no longer a student. Ahhhhh! Finally finishing my undergraduate education after five years of hard work and kicking cancer's ass definitely feels like a major accomplishment. For that reason, this day was a very special time indeed. That being said, having to sit through two long commencement ceremonies (the university ceremony and the English Department ceremony) in 80-something degree heat was not fun AT ALL. I hope my hunger and slight crankiness aren't too evident in these photos. :)

One thing that was nice about college graduation is that we were allowed to decorate our caps any way we wanted. Of course, I went the sparkly route with clear and light blue crystal embellishments. Sitting through four hours worth of speeches actually wasn't that bad since it gave me an opportunity to admire all the other creative caps out there. One girl in the English Department had a painted portrait of William Shakespeare on her cap. I also saw a guy with an actual book attached to his. How he got it to stay on, I will never know.

The English Department ceremony. I'm back there somewhere... 

I am now the proud owner of a Bachelor of the Arts degree. Well, technically not yet since all I got from the ceremony was a certificate of participation. I can't wait to get my degree in the mail. It'll be the most expensive piece of paper I own. Haha.

A family picture taken right after the English Department ceremony. 

Yes, Lucas was there too. 

My graduation cap - as fabulous and sparkly as it was - would not stay on. It almost fell off when I went to have my name called. Of course, I completely forgot about bobby pins. 

Here's another post-ceremony family photo. By this time, it was so hot that I couldn't stand wearing the gown anymore. 

My sparkly graduation cap deserves another photo, don't you think? I like how this picture shows off the blue of the large crystals better.

And here's a random photo that my mom took of my boyfriend playing with my face. I honestly have no explanation for this strange photo.

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  1. Congratulations!! That's such an accomplishment. Bravo to you. English major is more involved than most think. I thought about minoring in it, but alas too time consuming in conjunction with my film major at CSUF.

    I missed attending classes for about 6 months after I graduated. I'm sure it will fully hit you soon that it's over.


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