04 September 2012

Style Post 9.4.12

I've always believed that dressing up can make even the most ordinary days feel more special. Today was just another one of those ordinary late summer afternoons. I spent the day running errands and having lunch with my mom, grandma, and brother. Afterwards, I went over to Luke's house and we ended up being lazy together, just watching the Angels beat the A's on TV. To be honest, I probably could have gotten away with just wearing a tank top and his basketball shorts - which I have at least two pairs of at home. Instead, I decided to wear this unique bright pink top and my favorite little black shorts. 

I found this fabulous pink top on sale at Anthropologie. (SCORE!) I love love love the twisted v-neckline and how this neat little detail is repeated with the twisted waistband. I am especially fond of the color. Even though it looks neon in these photos, this top is actually more of a raspberry pink color in real life.


Do you like how I paired this super bright outfit with a pale pastel pink bag? It was totally unintentional. I took longer than I intended doing my makeup and I didn't have time to transfer my wallet, phone, and other necessities into another purse. You know what though? I really liked how these two colors looked together. Here's another example of how great bright and pastel colors can look together.

This photo is another one of those "happy accidents." I tried to take a picture of my Juicy Couture charm bracelet, but it ended up completely out of focus. Instead, all of the focus was on my neckline (and a bit of boobage, haha). I love how this photo ended up highlighting my favorite part of this top.

Outfit Details:

Bright Pink Top: Rio Rao (Anthropologie). Black Shorts: Charlotte Russe. Pale Pink Bag: Juicy Couture. Black Flats: Report. Charm Bracelet: Juicy Couture. Crystal Bracelets: Forever 21.


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  2. so cute pics (:
    you're so lovely ♥


  3. pretty :)

    xo Jennifer


  4. I am in love with your hair here....IN LOVE !!


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