16 September 2012

The Boyfriend's Birthday + A Mini Style Post

As much as I dislike complaints about the weather (Does anyone else get annoyed by weather-related status updates on Facebook?), I just have to say it: It's been as hot as hotter than balls. These past couple of days have been at least 100 degrees midday. In fact, it's past midnight as I'm writing this post and it's still about 80 degrees outside. Yikes. In fact, it was so hot that I didn't even want to stand outside in the sun for too long taking pictures. I hope this one will suffice:

Yesterday was Luke's 27th birthday. He took this picture of me right before we left to have dinner at this grandparents' house. A few notes about this outfit: 1) This was as dressed up as I wanted to be considering how ridiculously hot it was, 2) It's really hard to tell from this photo but my necklace matches my bag almost perfectly. It's a bee pendant and my bag is covered with bees, and 3) Obviously my shoes don't match my skirt at all. However, I love how aqua and red look together, which is enough for me to justify my different colored shoes. :)

Another fashion trend that I've fully embraced lately are stacked bracelets. I've been amazed by how girls on Instagram get so creative with their colorful "arm parties" and I just had to join in on the fun. I will take any excuse to pile on the sparkle. 

And here's the birthday boy, wearing the exact same shirt that I got him for his birthday last year. I should also mention that it was his older brother Jerod's birthday as well. By the way, in case you're curious, that isn't cake. It's Boston cream pie - yum! 

Here are Luke and Jerod (with their grandma in the background) blowing out their candles. None of us actually had any pie afterwards because we were still stuffed from the amazing homemade mac and cheese dinner that we had about an hour before.

Anyway...that's all, my dear readers. Sorry to cut this short but it is late and I'm pretty tired. Have a lovely Sunday!

Outfit Details:
Black Lace Trimmed Cami: V1 Couture. Aqua Skirt: Vince Camuto. Red Flats: Zigisoho. Bee Pendant Necklace: Betsey Johnson. Embellished Friendship Bracelets: Charlotte Russe. Crystal Bracelets: Forever 21. Bee Purse: Dooney & Burke.

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