18 December 2010

Life is Written in Ink

You are the author of your own story. You know what drives you, what moves you forward. And you know what you want...most of the time. But sometimes you'll get stuck. You know you can only go forward, but you can't. Something is holding you back. So you ask for help. Sometimes you take your friends' good advice. Sometimes you'll even take some bad advice. Sometimes you won't listen at all. [Let's be honest with ourselves - MOST of the time we don't listen.] But it's okay. You know in the end, it's your choice. You are the main character and the author. You must be the one to decide how you'll move yourself forward. And guess what? You will make mistakes. You will have regrets. Embrace them. Don't try to erase them. Your life is written in ink. You can cross something out, white it out, replace it with something better, but you know it will always be there.

But you know what?

So will you.

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