19 February 2011

I Have Fashionable Friends

Last night was the night I finally got to celebrate my birthday with my friends. We had an amazingly delicious dinner at Maggiano's in South Coast Plaza. I had the braised beef cannelloni, which was seriously life changing. :) I'm kind of sad that we didn't take any pictures during dinner. The restaurant is really pretty both inside and out.

So after dinner, my friends and I made impromptu plans to go to Dave and Buster's. Best idea ever! Here are the two best pictures from D&B, with Faustina and her sister Dianna. Aren't their outfits fabulous?

This picture would have been perfect if the flash hadn't been so bright. But I love how my BestFriend and I are both wearing blue. We didn't plan that at all.
Di's outfit was supercute too! And about that bear...he was my prize after Lucas and I traded in all our tickets. His name is Batman.

And just for fun, here's another souvenir from D&B...
I have no idea why our baby looks Vietnamese. :D

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