06 February 2011

Style Post 2.6.11

This dress is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite. It's my go-to dress for when I want to look dressed up, but not too dressy - if that makes any sense. This is what I wore when I went out shopping today. And yes, I will admit that I probably was a little too "dazzled up" as Lucas puts it, for just going to Nordstrom Rack. But I can't help it. For me, getting dressed up to go shopping makes the whole experience that much better.

Every time I put on this dress, I feel like I should be hosting a Victorian tea party - maybe something Alice in Wonderland inspired. I would just need some lace wrist gloves and a cocktail hat and I'd be all set.

I feel so ladylike...even with those unsightly PICC line tubes protruding like that. Haha.

Here's a closeup of my ribbon pearl necklace and the adorable white rabbit pattern on my dress. I think the bunnies are what remind me so much of Alice in Wonderland.

bunny dress: unknown brand
(the label somehow fell off in the washer)
ribbon pearl necklace: Forever 21
bag: H&M
flats: Report

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