26 March 2011

I'm totally excited about...

[image source: Big Sur Chamber of Commerce]
...the camping trip that Lucas and I will be going on in May. 

For weeks, we've been contemplating where we should go on vacation once this semester is over. We considered San Diego (it's close enough that we could easily go anytime), San Francisco (I've been there more times than I can even remember), and Yosemite (he usually goes with his brothers). Just a couple days ago, we finally decided on Big Sur and Monterey.

I'm super excited because 1) I love hiking but I've never gone camping before - like with an actual tent and sleeping bags, 2) the beaches in Central California look much nicer than the ones close to where we live, and 3) This will be our very first trip together. :)
[image source: Big Sur Chamber of Commerce]
I'm sure even the 6 hour drive won't be that bad because the Pacific Coast Highway is beautiful. And now I'm even more ready for this semester to be over already! Just a month and a half to go...

1 comment:

  1. awww i'm sure it's going to be a memorable first trip together for the both of you ;)


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