23 March 2011

Things I Love: Oxfords

Oxford shoes are fabulous, don't you think? (My boyfriend disagrees. He says, "They look like old people shoes!") But of course, I ignore him. :)

Personally, I think oxfords add the perfect menswear-inspired/vintage touch to any outfit. Though I usually associate these shoes with fall outfits (think cuffed wool shorts, opaque tights, and chunky knits), I'd say these shoes would be equally beautiful with spring outfits as well. I'm thinking of lace or floral print dresses and skirts.
Contrasting Leatherette Oxfords

Leatherette Trimmed Oxfords

Jazz Oxfords

Poodle Oxfords

Perforated Oxfords

Satin Lace Oxfords


  1. I think Oxfords are so cute. I haven't bought a pair yet, but I agree with you that they have a perfect touch of menswear and vintage.

    Nice post
    Here is my first giveaway too

  2. i like them with a heel...but that's only because i have short legs and am always wearing heels!


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