06 May 2011

Ready for a Change

::sigh:: You know what? I really need a makeover. I'm not talking about a fashion or beauty makeover. No, what I really need is a blog makeover. This time, I don't think I'll be content with just changing my background or changing the fonts on my page or any other subtle changes. I really do mean blog makeover.

Why, you ask?

1) I'm starting to strongly dislike my blog's name. To be honest, I never really gave it much thought when I first started blogging. "Pen&Ink" was the first name I came up with, partly because it matched my first blog post. I guess I was just so excited about starting a blog that I didn't bother to really think through the naming process. I actually had thought about changing it before, but as you can see, 52 followers later, I never quite got around to it. So now I suppose you're wondering why I dislike my blog name now. Well...
  • It's way too common. I've found so many blogs with the name Pen & Ink, Pen and Ink, and other variations. And along that line...
  • My url doesn't match my blog name. Just about every version of my blog name was taken.
  • It sounds way too vanilla to me. Maybe I am over thinking this, but I want a name that grabs attention. Sorry, but Pen&Ink just doesn't sparkle to me anymore.
2) I'm getting bored with my blog's colors. Don't get me wrong, I still love teal...but it's not my favorite color. After the makeover, I want my blog to be pink and green. It makes sense, right? Not only are those my two favorite colors, but they're also the colors that I wear most often.

So there you go: two reasons (plus three sub reasons) why I really want to give my blog a makeover. I'm still brainstorming possibilities for new names, but I already have some criteria for that too:

1) No more ampersands (or the word "and"). I have nothing against ampersands, but like I said, I'm ready for a change.
2) It should be unique. And that simply means I don't want to see a million results when I google that name. :)
3) It should be reflective of me and the things I love. Vintage and antique-inspired fashion, nature, and Jane Austen novels...I suppose that's a good place to start.
4) It must match the url! Self-explanatory.
5) It must be a name that I truly, 110% love. Because I promise I'm only going to make this big of a change once.

Wow. Can you tell that I've really thought this through? Haha. I'm sorry if this was a boring post. This was really more for me to organize my thoughts and plans for change. Happy Blogging, everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Name suggestions
    Vintage Austen
    Austenite Fashion

    And I really loved when you wrote "Be still my vintage heart" so maybe Vintage Heart, Vintage at heart, my vintage heart?

    Just trying to help here, looking forward to seeing the new blog you!


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