28 July 2011

I'm Already Looking Forward to Fall

I know this might sound strange, but summer is my least favorite season. Why? Because it's hot - in varying degrees - everything from uncomfortably hot to unbearably hot. So needless to say, I am more than ready for fall (my favorite season!) to start. It's true; as a Southern Californian, I may not be able to enjoy watching the leaves change colors or even get to experience true fall weather until Thanksgiving. But there is one thing that I can get excited about now...FALL FASHION!

So here is my list of the things that I'm looking forward to wearing the most this fall:

1) Cardigans and Sweaters
 - Last year, I definitely considered black cardigans a fall fashion staple. And why not? Black cardigans are a classy alternative to hooded sweatshirts (not that there's anything wrong with hoodies; I have tons!) I always wear black cardigans with everything from skinny jeans to tulle skirts. This coming fall, I plan on dazzling up my cardigans with sparkly, colorful brooches and feather flower pins. I also plan on expanding my horizons by wearing pretty, non-black sweaters. I love the neutral-colored one in this picture, especially with the sparkly buttons. :)

[image source: we♥it]

2) Tights
 - Black tights are another fall fashion staple for me. I love how they can easily extend the life of my spring and summer dresses. (Lace dress + black tights + heels = PRETTY!) For more casual outfits, I can't wait to try the tights and shorts combo that so many bloggers pull off so well. As with cardigans, I'm also looking forward to moving beyond basic black. Think fun patterns and bright colors.

[image source: we♥it]

3) Plaid
- This will always be my #1 favorite pattern, even more than polka dots. Sure, there are the fun and summery plaids (reminiscent of picnic tablecloths), but what I really love are the deep, rich plaids of fall (think tartans and private school uniforms.) As much as I will always love the pleated skirt and knee socks look, now that I'm a semester away from graduating college, I think I should stick to skirts that are knee length and longer. I'm also starting to have an obsession with other plaid items - dresses, vests, and tunics.

[image source: {this is glamorous}]

4) Blazers
 - Nothing completes the collegiate preppy look quite like a well structured blazer. I've always wanted a brown tweed one with elbow patches, like the kind that college professors wear. I definitely don't have a problem with settling for a navy blue one, similar to what Blair wears in Season 1 of Gossip Girl. And yes, I love the headband and tie too!

[image source: Google]

5) Mary Jane Pumps - I haven't worn this style of shoe since I was in elementary school. Back when I was 6 years old, I always wore Mary Janes with ankle socks or tights (yes, even in the summer time!) I really love this grown up version and its patent leather trim. And isn't this color gorgeous? I bought this exact pair of shoes last week and it has yet to be delivered to my house. Here's hoping it arrives soon!

[image source: Nordstrom]

So let's discuss: Is anyone else eagerly anticipating fall as much as I am? What are you looking forward to wearing the most?


  1. :D I love tights and blazers! And these photos are so dreamy.


  2. Gah, yes! I can't wait until it's fall! Yeah, I like summer, but it drives me crazy having to wear close to nothing when it's hot out. I adore layering, so autumn is my favorite season for clothes, and just my favorite season anyway, haha. I'm really looking forward to just being able to layer more, pull out my darker shoes, wear cardigans and sweaters, tights and thick socks, scarves, pretty coats, and just way more remix opportunities.

    And I know exactly what you mean about Mary-Janes; I wore them the exact same way in preschool (and I wore dresses everyday too, even on the playground, haha) and haven't put a pair on my feet since. But lately I've been converted back to the classic Mary-Janes. :) I can't wait to see the ones you just ordered in an outfit! They look so your style and they're just lovely!

    Maria Elyse
    First Impressions
    Flying Ships Vintage

  3. @Castle Fashion: Absolutely, tights and blazers are the best! I can't wait to wear them next season. :)

    @Maria Elyse: Yay for finding another autumn-lover! I like summer too but I definitely agree with you about how it's so much more fun to dress for the cooler, crisper weather. I did finally get the shoes in the mail and lo and behold, I found out that they run small! So more waiting for me...


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