29 July 2011

Visual FBFF - Where I Blog

Today's unique FBFF topic is hosted by Suze of Miss Vinyl Ahoy. It was her idea for us bloggers to share where we blog from. (Read: where we all spend way too much of  our time sitting in front of a computer screen. Haha.)

Anyway, I do all my blogging at my desk in my room. Lucas helped me put this desk together right before I moved into this house. Actually, he did all the putting together and I just helped by removing all the packaging the desk came with. By the way, note the nail polish and glitter next to my tiny speaker and my DIY flower lamp. I'm pretty proud of it. ♥

This has nothing to do with blogging, but here is the built-in shelf on top of my desk. I use it to display a poster full of high school photos and newspaper clippings, my tassel, old bass drum mallets, and my Angels baseball bobbleheads.

I guess the next step is showing my entire room...meaning I'll have to get it organized someday. Maybe one of these days I'll actually show it off. :)


  1. Visiting from FBFF.
    That is a cute lamp. Nice job.

  2. Your DIY lamp is really cute and I would love to see the whole room! :)

    star-crossed smile


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