11 August 2011

The One Lovely Blog Award

After a nearly week long break from blogging, I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon when I found out I was nominated by Black&White Heaven for the One Lovely Blog Award. It's always nice to be recognized by one of your readers and fellow fashion bloggers. ♥

To accept the ‘ One Lovely Blog’ award, you need to follow these rules:
1) Thank the person that gave you the award and link back to them.
2) Write 7 random facts about yourself.
3) Nominate 15 other fabulous bloggers that you think deserve the award.
4) And, of course, let them know that they have been awarded this lovely award!

So, here are the 7 random facts about me:
1) I sleep with a 53" teddy bear named Bubba. And no, that is not a typo. Bubba is 53 inches of warm and cuddly love!
2) My dream is to one day live in a historical home or a log cabin by a lake and forest.
3) I love foggy, overcast, and rainy days.
4) I'm afraid of spiders.
5) I want to open an Etsy store someday.
6) I have a huge crush on Angels starting pitcher Dan Haren. (See my other celebrity crushes here.)
7) I love pretty much anything that sparkles.

...and my choices for the One Lovely Blog Award are:


  1. Congratulations on your very well deserved blog award!!! And Congrats to those getting it too.

    Welcome to IFB hope you're enjoying your time here!! This is a great community and best place to connect with fellow bloggers. Want to invite you to visit my blog and maybe we can follow each other if you like.
    Happy Bloggin'


  2. Oh thank you! And congratulations to you on your award.

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  3. Hi, I feel very bad for not responding on my blog award, i had been away for ages completing my publication and my apologies !!! Thank you very much...I had just the time to go back through again my emails....you are so sweet to give one to me and promise i will repost this sometime soon! =)


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