12 August 2011

Style Post 8.12.11

I wish I had an amazing story to tell you about this outfit...but I don't. Today was pretty much just a run-a-couple-of-errands-and-then-just-hang-out kind of day. You know what though? I am perfectly okay with that. I honestly have no problem with dressing up for no reason. :)

What I loved most about today's outfit was how perfectly my nails coordinated with my dress and scarf. My mint colored nail polish was an almost exact match to my dress. (I did my nails two days ago so it was totally unintentional!) Another part of my I outfit I really loved were my shoes. Actually, it's more of a love/hate relationship. At 4", these heels were definitely higher than what I'm used to. I hope I'm not making it look too obvious in these photos, but I was getting blisters just standing! They're so cute though so I may just have to forgive them for peeling skin off my feet.

Dress: Max Studio. Patent Heels: Sam EdelmanScarf: vintage. Rose Ring: Forever 21. Pinky Ring: vintage.


  1. Very pretty! I like all the pastel colors and , yes, how your nails match too-so cute. Love your shoes. Too bad they hurt your feet. But I guess fashion is pain:)
    You look amazing.

  2. Your dress is such a beautiful pastel shade! <3 It is such a shame your shoes hurt; they look gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze

  3. This outfit is perfect on you! So summery and sweet! I love that your nails match perfectly. And those shoes are AWESOME! Maybe your feet will get used to them cuz they are super cute!. Cheers!

  4. Love the pastel colors of this. Perfect for summer ...

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  5. Very cute and romantic outfit girl and your nails are just gorgeous!

    <3 Marina


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