17 August 2011

Transitioning from Summer to Fall

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It is a conundrum that I always run into just before starting school again in late August: How do you dress for that tricky period of transition between summer and fall? What are you supposed to wear if it's a sweltering 90 degrees one day and then "freezing" the next day? If any of you have ever faced this dilemma, look no further because I have put together my list of key pieces to help you make a smooth wardrobe transition.

1) Light Jackets. There's no reason why you can't wear your summer sundresses well into mid-September, especially if you throw on a lightweight jacket to keep you warm on cool mornings and evenings. My personal favorite summer to fall staple is my khaki jacket. It's a great basic neutral that goes with everything from white tank tops and shorts to floral print sundresses.

2) Ankle Boots. Save the tall boots for late fall and winter; right now, the best boots for summer to fall transition weather are ankle boots. Wear them with jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses - pretty much anything! Wearing ankle boots is a perfect way to look put together without looking too dressy.

3) Summer Scarves. The way I see it, a scarf is an accessory that is great year round. Of course, now isn't the time to wear a chunky knit scarf - it's still way too hot! Instead, try draping a thin woven scarf around your neck; it's the perfect accent for a summer sundress (no jewelry required!) Summer scarves look amazing with khaki jackets and shorts too. Instead of the bright, colorful prints that you'd normally associate with spring and summer, look for scarves with smaller, simpler patterns and more muted colors.

4) Loose Fit 3/4 Sleeve Tops. During the peak of summer, these tops are perfect to use as cover ups on the beach. Why not take the same tops and pair them with shorts and oxfords for a look that's perfect for September? Even better, these tops can work for a night out with your girlfriends too. Just swap the shorts for a sleek black pencil skirt, add black pumps and sparkly jewelry, and you're ready to go! Creating the perfect summer to fall transition outfit doesn't get much easier than this.

5) Tights. Where I live, it's not going to be cold enough to wear tights for a while. For those of you who are lucky enough to experience crisp autumn weather sooner, here's another way to extend the life of your favorite summer dress all the way up until Thanksgiving. I believe tights really are the most versatile piece you need for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall. Opaque black tights look great with pretty much everything: dresses, skirts, shorts, even high heeled sandals. But why stop at basic black? As soon as the temperature starts to hover in the 60s, I'll definitely be wearing tights in all sorts of pretty colors.

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