22 September 2011

Awkward and Awesome 9.22.11

Today I discovered a fabulous blog meme called Awkward and Awesome Thursdays via Sydney of The Daybook. So what exactly is this? Well, just like the title implies, I will be documenting the amazingly awesome moments of each week...as well as the hilariously awkward ones. I'm sure it'll be fun to look back on all of these moments each passing week. :)

  • One of the highlights from last weekend's Las Vegas trip: being the only girl surrounded by guys who aren't shy about bodily functions.
  • I put in $1.00 into the slot machines. I actually got really excited when that $1.00 turned into $3.00. When I finally decided to cash out, my grand total was $1.20. That's right, I won 20 cents in Las Vegas. Woot.
  • Going back to school after an awesome weekend vacation = blah.
  • I had the biggest craving for chocolate late last night...but I was too lazy to drive to the 24 hour supermarket close to my house.
  • So today, my neighborhood is getting the asphalt fixed, meaning we aren't allowed to park inside the complex. What's more awkward than living in a gated community and not having the key to open the gate from the inside? Try climbing the gate in flip flops while carrying a huge purse and having random neighbors stare when you fall on your ass.

  • I am obsessed with this gorgeous necklace that my boyfriend bought for me on our vacation. It's a little teddy bear studded with pink crystals. Me getting a present on his birthday weekend = awesome.
  • Dan Haren pitched for the Angels last night and they won! I think it has to do with the fact that I wore my lucky shirt with his name and number. :)
  • I made garlic mashed potatoes for lunch and they turned out great! I will admit though that it is pretty hard to screw up making mashed potatoes from a box.
  • I love hybrid classes (half in person, half online). I didn't have to drive up to school on Tuesday or today. Saving gas is always awesome.
  • My BestFriend and I are finally going to celebrate our 11 year anniversary tomorrow! We're thinking dinner and a photo shoot.

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