24 October 2011

Revlon Teak Rose

By now, I'm sure it's no secret...I LOVE pink. I have been looking for a shade of pink (but not too pink) nail polish for a while. I was at my local Rite Aid pharmacy a couple of days ago, looking for Halloween candy, when I discovered the beautiful Revlon Teak Rose.

I already have a modest collection of Revlon nail polishes, but as soon as I saw this color, I knew that I had to have it. I wanted something rosy with subtle gold or brown undertones - something that would be perfect for fall - and this brownish rose hue delivers. I love how this warm shade looks with my skin tone. And so far, it hasn't clashed with any of my outfits. :)

I also loved how smooth the application was. I used two thin coats of Teak Rose and then one coat of clear nail polish (Extra Life No Chip Top Coat, also by Revlon). No bubbles and no streaky mess, even on my left hand, which is rare for me.

I usually keep my nails pretty short for simplicity's sake, but I think from now on I should have them a little longer, as pictured. Longer nails seem to look better with my incredibly small hands and short fingers.

What about you? Do you have a favorite nail polish color?

1 comment:

  1. That color is so pretty! And the name is appropriate too! ;) I too love anything pink!


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