20 February 2012

February Adventures, Part 1: LA

Yikes, I've been such a terrible blogger lately! Despite my lack of posts, I can assure you that I have been having a fabulous February - a February filled with lots of adventures. These are amazing adventures that I will now gladly share with all of you.

Last Sunday (on the day before my birthday), Lucas and I went on a day trip to Los Angeles. We started off by having delicious French dip sandwiches at Phillipe's. If you're ever in the LA area, I can assure you that the half hour-long lines are absolutely worth it. In fact, the only reason why I don't have any pictures of our sandwiches (and potato salads) is because we started devouring them almost immediately. Haha.

After lunch, we made our way over to the Natural History Museum. I visited this museum with my friends last summer and I enjoyed this second visit just as much. I'm sure Lucas had lots of fun too. :)

After exploring the museum for a couple of hours, we braved the LA traffic and drove to Santa Monica. After stopping for snacks and sodas at a local drug store, we found free parking a block away from a shopping center full of twinkling lights and live music. After walking around and taking pictures for a while, we walked over to the pier.

Yes, I know that my boyfriend's jacket is not very flattering on me. We were by the ocean though and it was freezing. My thin cardigan just wasn't cutting it.


  1. Happy belated birthday!

    My husband & I took our niece to the Natural History Museum a couple months ago and she loved it! She's 12, so I think she got more from it than the younger kids running around. I had never been myself, so I enjoyed the outing as well.

    Love your outfit in these pics. The skirt & hat are perfection.

  2. Thank you, Stephanie!

    I'm glad that you, your husband, and your niece enjoyed the museum too. The November 05 picture in your 365 project was adorable. :)


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