29 June 2011

Day at the Museum

I know I've been neglecting my blog lately and I apologize for that. Who would have thought that I'd be so busy and active in June? :) Anyway, I'll be back with regular fashion posts soon (and Style Posts will be back soon as well!). But for now, I have pictures from my two latest adventures. First up is my day at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

My friend Kathy (center) had to go to the museum for an extra credit assignment. She invited me and Melissa along so we could catch up. (The three of us haven't hung out since my After Christmas Party!) We had a lot of fun exploring the museum and all of of its natural curiosities.
Dinosaurs! This was our first stop on our tour of the museum and the first part of Kathy's extra credit project.
Here's an early human skull that was on display. Look at the size of those teeth!
This taxidermied penguin was just one of the many specimens in the bird exhibit.
I love, love, LOVE this photo! This was the amazingly beautiful stained glass ceiling in the rotunda. It looks just like what you'd see in a kaleidoscope.
Out of all the exhibits we visited, our favorite was without a doubt the gemstone gallery - particularly The Vault. I love sapphires the most, especially green ones. Too bad they look black in this photo.
I had no idea that our state had so many gemstones, nor was I aware that we actually had a state gem. This benitoite sample was really sparkly and looked just like a grayish blue sapphire.
These green gems were so pretty! I was seriously in awe of not just how colorful and sparkly these were, but also by how HUGE they were...
...like this beauty right here. 362 carats!!! This wasn't even the largest gem in The Vault. There was a blue topaz that was 4,644 carats. Yes, you read that correctly. :)


  1. wonderful photos!! i love going to the natural history museum!! did you go to the butterfly exhibit? i love it there too hehe <3

  2. Thank you very much! Most of these photos didn't come out that great due to poor lighting and reflections showing in the glass, etc. Yay for vintage photo effects! And no, we didn't get to go to the butterfly exhibit. :( I loved it there too though and I definitely want to go again some other time!


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