01 July 2011

FBFF: The Outfit Formula

1) What’s your go-to outfit formula? It really depends on the season. For spring and summer, I like to keep it simple with a cotton sundress, sandals, sunglasses, and a light cardigan or jacket for when the sun goes down. Fall is still pretty warm around here up until around November, so I still like wearing dresses and skirts. When it finally starts getting cold again, I like to add colorful tights or knee high socks. Come wintertime, I'm all about dressing in layers and matching hats and scarves! I've also noticed that I love wearing different colors depending on the seasons. Think bright pink and yellow in the summer, rich brown and burgundy in the fall, jewel tones in the winter, and pastels in the spring. (I love black and white year round too.) And regardless of the season, no outfit formula would be complete without accessories - necklaces, bracelets, rings, headbands, or hair pins.

2) How did you come about this formula?
 Hmmm...I guess you could say that I stumbled upon this formula  without really thinking about it. These days, I love the simplicity and effortlessness of my pretty dress + cute shoes + cardigan formula.

3) Do you have different formulas for different occasions in your life?
I don't really have any set "formulas" for my wardrobe. In general though, I tend to gravitate toward lace and light colors for daytime dressy occasions, v-neck tops and skinny jeans or a figure-flattering little black dress for a night out with friends, or a nice top and a knee length skirt for family parties.

4) Has it morphed over the years?
Oh yeah, definitely! I was a jeans-and-tank-top type of girl all throughout high school, all the way up until last year-ish. For evidence, check out this post. Dressy outfits were reserved for holidays and other special occasions. It's funny because now, I usually only wear jeans for when I'm working with my volunteer group. Over the years, I've learned that it's possible to wear dressy clothes while still being comfortable.

5) Which other blogger’s outfit formula would you like to swipe?
I don't believe in "swiping" other blogger's style or outfit formulas, but I do believe in being inspired by other bloggers. Lately, I've been finding inspiration from Maria of First Impressions. She always manages to put together so many lovely vintage-inspired outfits...with a twist. Think floral crowns and denim, cat eye glasses and straw hats, high-neck blouses and shorts. I LOVE her style. :)


  1. Gayle! Your comment on my blog, and your sweet mention of me here, made my day! :) ♥ I've so been wanting to come on over here to your blog lately but couldn't find the link until you just commented! Perfect timing! :)

    I love this post...it's interesting hearing/reading about what others thought processes are when they put together an outfit. :)

    Maria Elyse
    First Impressions
    Flying Ships Vintage

    P.S. I LOVE your new header like crazy! It's really professional looking and it's incredibly pretty. :)

  2. I love your honest answers and your post! Super cute style, too! I found you via FBFF. I am a new follower and fan! Cheers!

  3. @Maria E.: Thank you so much! Sorry you had a hard time finding my blog. I just realized that all of my old links stopped working after I changed my blog name. Oops. And thanks for the compliment on my header. :)

    @Sherry: Thank you for stopping by! I love discovering new and awesome blogs through FBFF. You have a super cute blog too!


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