28 February 2012

February Adventures, Part 3: 23rd Birthday Dinner

My 23rd birthday was all the way back on the 13th, but I didn't get to celebrate with my friends until last last Friday (the 18th). We all met at the Cheesecake Factory in Brea, where we enjoyed great food and lots of laughter to go around.

Do you like my bright pink fascinator and birdcage veil? I thought it was the perfect accent to my simple little black dress...and it matched my nails perfectly! I know it's hard to see, but I was also wearing a garnet necklace - my Valentine's Day present from Lucas this year. :)

Here are two of my oldest friends, in terms of longevity. I met Melissa C. and Faustina all the back in sixth grade. (That was eleven and a half years ago!) I loved Melissa's fuchsia lipstick, especially because it reminded me of my fascinator and nail polish. And Faustina's hair looked gorgeous, as usual.  

These lovely ladies - Ruth, Melissa B., and Kathy - are my closest friends from college. Don't they all have such pretty smiles?

A picture of the boyfriends, Vasily and Abe - minus Lucas who was on his way over to the restaurant at the time this was taken.

Dear Kathy,

          Your drink looks delicious!

Melissa's drink was yummy too. She was nice enough to let me have a sip. Yours truly was a dork and totally forgot to bring her I.D. Oops...

Me and Lucas. Thank you, Melissa B., for taking this cute picture of us.

What a scandalous card! Haha.

Oh by the way, that emerald ring was my mom's and she let me have it for my birthday. LOVE!

Here I am posing with my present from Kathy and Abe. I'm starting to think that bright pink was THE color of the night.

A yummy tiramisu, courtesy of Melissa B. I love how the restaurant staff changed my name to "Dayle."

We asked the boyfriends to take pictures of us in front of the restaurant before parting ways. We clearly weren't ready for this picture.

Finally, a nice posed shot!

...and this one needs no explanation!

In addition to eating amazing food (and taking silly pictures), the best part of that night was enjoying the company of the best friends I could ever ask for. ♥

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