06 March 2012

10 Things Tuesday - At a Crossroads

As the title of this post implies, yes, I am at a crossroads...

I took these pictures of me last month while Faustina and I were getting ready for her birthday dinner. As much as I don't want to sound boastful, I really do think that day was a perfect hair day. My hair was still short, but just long enough to set into little pin curls. My hair is still growing (obviously!), and soon it'll be too long to style just like this. Soon I will have to make a decision: Should I keep my hair this short or should I grow it out? These ten gorgeous hairstyles (found via Pinterest) make me want to have long hair again:

1 comment:

  1. I've been pondering this very question myself, but in my case...should I go short with my long hair? I loved your fearless chop and your hair is super cute in those first pics. I would keep it for a bit and grown it out when you have little to no doubt.


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