20 March 2012

Style Post - Gayle and Faustina's St. Patrick's Day Outfits

Oh dear. Has it really been four months in between Style Posts? I'm afraid so. Anyway, what better way to end my long break from outfit posting than to share what I wore for St. Patrick's Day?

Emerald green is actually my #1 favorite color, even though I don't own a lot of clothing in this gorgeous shade (save for a matching green and black lace lingerie set from Victoria's Secret - tee hee!). I found this ruffled green blouse at Forever 21. The moment I saw it, I knew it'd be perfect for St. Patrick's Day or any other time I want to paint the town red GREEN.

I know it's almost impossible to see, but I was also wearing the emerald ring that my mom gave me for my birthday. How could I not? The color of the stone matched my blouse almost perfectly! I need to take a good picture of it soon so I can show all of you guys. It's that gorgeous. :)

It was cold and rainy all throughout the day and into the night, so shorts and flats may not have been the best choice. Don't worry though. I'm not completely crazy. I did wear a sweater too. And I somehow managed to not step into any large puddles.

My BestFriend Faustina came over to my house before we met up with other friends in Corona. I think it's awesome that she arrived just in time to be part of this very special Style Post. Isn't she absolutely gorgeous? - and I might also add, much more practically dressed than I was! I need to remember to ask if I can borrow that fabulous jacket she's wearing. ::hint hint::

Here we are at Dempsey's Sports Bar & Grill. As expected, it was super crowded with all sorts of people: classy girls with their friends and boyfriends, klassy girls who weren't wearing nearly enough clothing, perfectly decent guys who actually said excuse me when walking past you, and complete douche bags as well. In other words, it was the usual bar scene. And yes, those are green beers. They tasted like crap - more like beer flavored water than anything else. Yours truly was a klutz and managed to spill about a quarter of that beer all over herself...while still sober. Fail, fail, fail!

Overall, St. Patrick's Day was a lot of fun this year. Did anyone else do anything fun last Saturday? Let me know!

Outfit Details:
Emerald Green Ruffled Blouse: Forever 21. Shorts: Charlotte Russe. Heart Dot Tights: Nordstrom. Ballet Flats: Report.


  1. I love your description of the bar scene, hehe. That sounds about right on St. Patty's. Sorry about the bar spill and you and your friend are so cute, emerald green is one of my faves too and I love how you kept it classy in your outfit instead of so many other's I saw out that day. You look great! Following you


  2. Green looks great on you and I love those heart tights!


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