21 March 2012

Lovely Things 3.21.12

Two days ago, I went to the public library with my boyfriend so he could use the internet to pay for a smog check. It was then that I decided to finally replace my library card that I lost...oh, I don't even know how many years ago. I was kind of nervous because I was pretty sure I owed like, a million dollars in late fees from when I was younger. Luckily, the librarian was kind enough to waive all the fees for me since I was a minor back then. Whew! Anyway, I checked out three books (one of which I finished in one day after reading an all-night reading session). That day in the public library inspired this Lovely Things post. Enjoy! (P.S. Pictures link back to their sources.)

Isn't this such an elegant libary? I love the ornate ceiling, rich wood floors, and two big globes. This library reminds me of a cross between Jane Austen and Indiana Jones. Haha.

I'm still pretty young (only 23 years old), but I will admit that I am old enough to remember life without computers. I remember seeing these card catalogue things in our school library when I was in elementary school. And yes, I did know how to use them!

Ah, the fine art of annotating a book. I did this in high school for my AP English classes, but I can't bear the thought of writing in my books now. Maybe it's because I like to take notes using neon highlighters and multicolored pens.
Penguin classics are so lovely. I hate dust jackets and I always take mine off of my books. I really like the feel of cloth bound books, which is part of the appeal of these beautiful covers.

This little reading nook is my dream. How perfect would it be to be surrounded by books and a view of the trees outside? Just add a cup of tea, a throw, and maybe a few more pillows and I'd be more than content for a few hours.

This home library is completely impractical (Can you imagine having to dust all of those books?), but still amazing. I would have way too much fun climbing up and down that ladder, looking for the perfect book.

This home library is pretty nice too. If I lived her, I'd add a bar table and stool upstairs to create a Barnes and Noble/Starbucks feel to the space. Neat!

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