16 April 2012

Pixel Me Pretty

Introducing Pixel Me Pretty, a new weekly feature documenting my life through Instagram photos. I hope you all enjoy taking a glimpse into my world. Also, feel free to check out all my other photos here.

To avoid having to pay $180-ish on a parking permit, I park in a neighborhood off campus. This wooded pathway is what I walk past every time I go to school. Thanks to the magic of cell phone photo filters, this pathway now appears to be where fairies dance in the sunlight.

I discovered Artbox at the Irvine Spectrum about a month ago and I am officially obsessed with their variety of notebooks. I love all the bright, springy colors. I treated myself to four of these cute, inexpensive notebooks in complementing colors and patterns.

The smallest notebook has all sorts of cute pictures and scribbled text, making the task of filling out a blank notebook much less daunting. My favorite picture was this pink donut, which reminded me of Homer Simpson. Haha.

Doesn't this look amazing? It's the Sundried Tomato Pesto Penne pasta dish from The Lazy Dog Cafe. Faustina recently discovered this restaurant when she went to their happy hour with a mutual friend. She loved their food so much that she and I ended up going to brunch there the very next day. One of the servers gave us free flat bread too. Score!

Lucas and I were driving through a creepy old Marine Air base on Thursday and afterwards decided to stop by Tapioca Express. (I know, random.) He got spicy chicken nuggets and I got spicy calamari. We also shared an almond milk tea.

On Friday, I stopped by the grocery store after class to grab a quick snack. There were all sorts of pretty flowers at the front of the store that caught my eye. I love these pink flowers!

These hydrangeas were equally lovely. The pale blue ones on the bottom remind me of a watercolor painting.

One of my favorite pieces of jewelry. This Juicy Couture bracelet sits on my nightstand. I am currently trying to find creative ways to store and display all of my other jewelry.

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