22 April 2012

Pixel Me Pretty

After waiting for nearly three weeks, I finally got the call I'd been waiting for on Monday morning. My new glasses had finally come in. (They were on back order.) Yes, these are prescription glasses since I'm very nearsighted. I'm thinking of doing a Style Post with these glasses on in the near future because I know you all have only seen me in contacts. I feel so smart and sophisticated (in a semi-nerdy way) in these!

On Tuesday night, Lucas and I attended an Angels game. It was a promotion night and we both received free Albert Pujols bobbleheads. The Angels ended up losing, but I still had a lot of fun. For one thing, this was a Gayle and Lucas date night. Second of all, Dan Haren was pitching! I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but I have a huge crush on him, mostly because I have a thing for men with beards. :) I snapped this picture just as he was about to throw another pitch. As soon as I took the picture, Lucas looked over my shoulder and said, "Are you done now?" Haha. Good times.

My grandma, my younger brother, and I went to go run some errands on Thursday afternoon. Afterwards, we stopped by Yogurtland. This might be my #1 favorite yogurt and toppings combination ever: green tea yogurt with brownie bites, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup. So, did I feel guilty for eating that much chocolate? No, not really. No regrets...it was delicious.

My mom and I had a late lunch/early dinner date at Macaroni Grill on Friday afternoon. I love this restaurant. The food is very good and the lights suspended from the ceiling are very pretty. To add to the amazingness (Yes, I made up that word), we even got a free dessert: Lemon Passion Cake. So, do you think I felt guilty about eating that too? Well, maybe just a little bit...but it was worth it.

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  1. Those glasses are so cute!!!


    You instagram? So do I! Ill look you up. My name is cuppajo :)


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