24 April 2012

Vintage Inspired Loveliness

I am getting my senior pictures taken this Sunday afternoon. After days - well, let's be honest - weeks of indecision, I have finally chosen the two outfits that I'm going to wear. As much as I wish one of those outfits could have been this dress by Ruche, it was sadly not meant to be. This gorgeous teal lace dress is out of stock. Not to worry though, because I managed to find a lookalike dress last week. Yay!

My real dress is floral damask instead of cotton lace and it's closer to Tiffany blue than teal - not to mention that it has cap sleeves, but it is very similar to the Ruche dress. I would like to find a pretty fascinator like the one shown above, although I would definitely want something a lot smaller. I'm thinking that maybe just a white or ivory flower with a small birdcage veil would be pretty...or would that look too bridal? I'm going to the mall with my BestFriend later today to try to find hair accessories that would work. Wish me luck!

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