01 July 2012

The Adventures of Gayle and Faustina

As I welcome the month of July, I have to pause to reflect on how awesome - no, how epic June has been in terms of opportunities to spend time with my BestFriend Faustina. We've been to beach bonfires, clubs, parties, a local bar, restaurants, and a dollar movie theatre. Sadly, I only have (mostly so-so quality) pictures of two of our adventures: clubbing and a photo booth set. Enjoy!

As I mentioned in my last post, Faustina and I were crazy enough to go clubbing right after a shopping trip and attending a beach bonfire. I learned two things that night. First of all, it's amazing how much fun we can have in one day. Second of all, I am NEVER wearing 4" heels to go out dancing ever again. I honestly don't know how so many girls can do it. My feet didn't even hurt after a while...they were NUMB, which I took as a not so good sign. Do I look incredibly uncomfortable in this picture? I hope not!

Me with my friends, Dianna and Faustina. Forget the actual time we spent at the overcrowded club; my favorite part of that night was getting ready in my bathroom. We always have so much fun doing our hair and makeup together. 

I love this picture of us. No crazy filters or Photoshop effects were used. Those were simply the dance floor lights. As you can see, we were right up against the speakers, which in hindsight probably wasn't too good for our ears. That was honestly the only place where there was room to dance. Also, notice the um, stuff that's in my cleavage? I promise that I did not stuff my bra. I didn't have pockets or a clutch so I had to carry cash and my ID in my bra. Yes, I know...very classy. ;)

These photos were actually from yesterday. Faustina and I attended our 5 year high school reunion at a local park (which turned out to be a complete failure since hardly anyone showed up) and then decided to turn the whole day into a BestFriends day. We took pictures in an Asian photo booth, which is always a blast. And when I say Asian, I really do mean ASIAN. The machine gives instructions in Japanese, so it's always a little tricky making sure our poses don't turn out too herp derp. I will admit that a lot of the other people who come to use these photo booths are middle school-aged or younger. You know what though? I don't think you can ever be too old to take silly pictures with your best friend. ♥

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