12 July 2012

Style Post - Remix

(ombre effects tutorial by Pugly Pixel)

That's right, this is my first outfit remix! Essentially, I am wearing the same type of outfit as my last Style Post.   (Bright pink skirt + see through top and bandeau.) Yes, I'm even carrying the exact same bag and wearing the exact same bracelets. Yet I surprised even myself how I can create a completely different outfit just by wearing different colors on top and adding a unique necklace. Anyway, this is what I wore the day Lucas and I went to pick up my mom and grandma at the airport.

Do you like my pearl tie necklace? My mom found this amazing piece of jewelry in Singapore, along with some other bracelets and necklaces that I'll be sure to show you all soon. I'm already thinking of ways I can incorporate this necklace in other outfits. I'm thinking it would also be cute with a pastel pink blouse and maybe a blazer in the fall. Oh and remember when I wore this top in San Diego? Yeah, I definitely like how I styled it here better.

It's a good thing that I'm not shy because this outfit was BRIGHT. :) So much for "Eww, I hate bright/neon colors!" It's amazing how much our personal styles can evolve over time. By the way, these fabulous flats are from Singapore too. They're actually supposed to be my mom's, but since they matched my outfit so perfectly, I just had to model them.

Outfit Details:
Purple Lace Top: H.I.P. Bright Pink Lace Bandeau: unknown. Bright Pink Skirt: Free Hug. Flats: unknown. Bangles: Forever 21. Pearl Tie Necklace: unknown. Bag: Betsey Johnson.

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