17 August 2012

Pretty Pastel Things

Although I've been practically living in super bright, vibrant colors all summer, I will always love soft pastel colors the most. Right now, I am especially drawn to pale peach. This shade is a lovely alternative to my usual favorite, blush pink. Doesn't it look so pretty paired with gray?

I'm pretty sure that I need this necklace in my life. Butterfly wings. Made of organza. And it has sequins and gold leaf! I really love these pretty hair ties from Anthropologie too. I've found a couple of tutorials and resources on where to buy colored elastic, so these seem like a pretty easy DIY project. And can we please talk about these shoes? The bows on these are darling, aren't they?

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  1. How beautiful! I had no idea you had a blogspot too, Gayle! IT's so perfect, I adore the design and your pretty posts. :)
    xx Maria

    1. Thank you, Maria. Thanks for following me. :)


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