02 January 2013

Scenes from the Season, Part 1

Hello all! I thought I would begin 2013 by sharing pictures from this past December's festivities. Part one of this series includes pictures of what Faustina and I wore for her company's holiday party about three weeks ago.

Let me start by saying that this dress was a last minute purchase. The date of the party (which took place in a nice hotel in Huntington Beach) sneaked up on me pretty quickly and I still didn't have anything to wear the morning of. By some miracle, I managed to find this fabulous dress at Windsor just a couple of hours before Faustina and I were scheduled to check into our hotel room. I love love LOVE this dress. I love the sequins and the dramatic high-low silhouette and how festive it looked even without any jewelry. I'm already trying to think of other occasions in which I could wear this again.

By the way, please excuse the mess in the background (evidence of our pre- and post-gaming)! 

Another highlight of last month was finally finding the perfect shade of brown for my hair. I absolutely adore my medium chocolate brown hair and how it makes my pale winter skin glow. I don't know if I ever want to go back to my natural black hair again. :)

Here's a good photo of Faustina and I wearing our fabulous party dresses. Although I consider getting ready for a special occasion half the fun, the company party itself was also a blast. I met a lot of Faustina's coworkers and definitely enjoyed mingling with different people. We both woke up with terrible hangovers the next morning - the result of too many free drink tickets, I suppose - but overall this party was a great start to the holiday season.

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