05 December 2012

Ugly Sweater Party Invitation

I designed this invitation for the Ugly Sweater Party that Faustina and I are throwing the Thursday after Christmas. I am obviously not a graphic designer, but I thought it would be fun to design something to post on our Facebook event page. Since our holiday party is in that awkward time in between Christmas and New Year's Eve, I wanted to steer away from the traditional red and green. However, I felt that hot pink, teal, and gold would look just as festive.

If Faustina and I weren't so poor (haha), we would have wanted to actually print these out and send them to our guests. I imagine these invitations would have looked pretty nice in black envelopes with black and white patterned liners. Oh, and gold sequins too.

Our party is a little over three weeks away and I'm already excited! UPDATE: pictures from the party posted now!


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  2. Lovely blog!

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  3. haha!! I love ugly sweater parties!!

    1. I do too, Michelle. I'm already looking forward to making this a yearly tradition with my best friend. :)


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