06 January 2013

Scenes from the Season, Part 3

Yup, you guessed it. These are pictures from the Ugly Sweater Party! As much as I enjoyed the more formal Christmas parties with my family, this casual house party at Faustina's house was probably my favorite memory of this past holiday season. (With the possible exception of New Year's Eve!)

I absolutely loved how Faustina and I ended up coordinating our ridiculously tacky sweaters. Plastic ornaments for me; gift bows for her. :) We had so much fun putting together these sweaters and just planning the entire party. By the way, we are epic procrastinators. We bought all of the food and drinks literally about an hour before our first guests showed up. Our party was such a success that we definitely plan on making this a new tradition.

I wish I had remembered to take more pictures with my friends that night. (Too many White Russians and other miscellaneous cocktails - oops!) Here I am with my gorgeous friend Melissa. Notice her festive Christmas earrings. LOVE!

And this is my other best friend Mike. Yes, Faustina and I did give him a hard time for not wearing an ugly sweater. It worked out alright thought because I ended up stuffing some of my shed pink feathers into his shirt pocket. Haha.

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