16 July 2012

Pixel Me Pretty

My week in photos 7.1.12 - 7.15.12. See more of my Instagram photos here.

Here's a unique hilltop view of Fourth of July fireworks with my amazing boyfriend. We got to see many different fireworks displays from all over Orange County. This was the grand finale in...I actually have no idea exactly where this is. Haha. But it was spectacular.

Here's the Style Post: Angel Stadium preview that I posted on Instagram. Why yes, of course I think it's perfectly normal to take outfit photos in the middle of a parking lot.

I also think it's perfectly normal to take multiple self portraits in the middle of the seventh-inning stretch.

Another outfit post preview for Instagram. This one was for my latest Remix.

I mentioned before that my mom brought home tons of unique jewelry and other items from Singapore. This bracelet was one of my favorites. Apparently, bok choy is considered a lucky vegetable there. Regardless of its symbolism, I love it for its quirky cuteness.

"Oh. My. GOD!" That was my reaction when I noticed these big, lush pink peonies at the grocery store. They were a teeny bit wilted, but as you can see, they were still spectacular. If I weren't so lazy about taking care of flowers, I wouldn't mind receiving peonies as presents every once in a while.

...And now it's official! I finally got my degree in the mail the other day. (Yes, my name is really that long!)

One of the highlights of my Saturday afternoon was going on a bike ride with my brother. We stopped by Rite Aid and indulged in amazingly delicious (and cheap!) Thrifty ice cream. I had my two favorites: cotton candy and chocolate malted crunch. Note that my bike is my favorite color: mint green!

Another visit to the grocery store yesterday yielded another lovely picture of flowers. They had fresh peonies on the florist's counter too. In addition to the beautiful blush pink ones, the vase also contained two stems of striking magenta blooms. But of course, sunflowers are lovely too.


  1. adore your lace top with that lovely pink skirt! follow each other? xx

    1. Thank you, Ashley! Sure, I'd be happy to follow your blog. :)


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