03 September 2012

Inspired by Pink Wedding Gowns

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Although I am neither engaged nor planning to be for a while (I'm only 23. That's still considered young, right?), I love looking through wedding blogs and admiring other ladies' choices of gowns, bridesmaids' dresses, flowers, hair ideas, and other lovely little details. My friend Ruth calls this "wedding stalking" and I definitely agree. However, I think a prettier way to phrase it would be "gathering inspiration for that special someday." Haha, no. I like "wedding stalking" better.

Anyway, I have fallen in love with the idea of wearing a blush or rose colored gown for my special someday. Not only is pale pink incredibly romantic, but I honestly can't imagine any skin tone that this color wouldn't flatter. Imagine the styling possibilities too: an all white bouquet bursting with beautiful peonies or garden roses for an ultra romantic look, anemones and little black dresses for your bridesmaids for sophisticated contrast, and even deep red or burgundy accents for a Valentine's Day wedding. Are you convinced yet? Here are some more gorgeous pale pink wedding gowns for you to admire:

Left: This pastel ombre dress is unique yet classy with its simple silhouette. (source)
Right: Gorgeous as it is, this dress would also look lovely with sparkly accessories. (source)

Left: Not quite ready to embrace pink? This dress is more of an oatmeal color. (source)
Right: I'm not a huge fan of the neckline, but the sequin flowers are stunning. (source

Left: Elegant gown in a lovely shade of pink. I love the 3/4 sleeves too. (source)
Right: This pink gown is the ultimate princess dress. (source)

Left: Look closely. This ruffly dress has sheer and sparkly illusion sleeves! (source)
Right: This is my dream dress! Ivory with a few touches of pink. (source)

Way back in May, Lucas and I had a chat about what our future wedding would be like. He said what I'm sure any girl would love to hear: "We can do whatever you want. As long as you're happy." But then he quickly added, "But no pink!" I suppose we'll just have to see about that when the time comes. ;) Until then, I am perfectly happy with my wedding stalking.

Would you wear a pink wedding gown?


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    1. Mandi, I agree. It was hard for me to choose a favorite. :)

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