27 October 2012

An Arabian Princess and a Referee

Somehow, during this busy yet pleasant month of October, I completely forgot to share pictures of my first Halloween costume and Faustina's as well. We went to a costume party on October 5th (I know, so early!) Obviously, neither of us really had that much time to think of - let alone put together - anything super creative. Luckily, we managed to find these costumes at a Halloween store two days before the party.

My best friend, of course, looks gorgeous. I was actually surprised by how much I loved my costume too. This is definitely the greatest amount of skin I've ever shown in a costume (or anywhere other than a pool). I'm not going to lie...I felt pretty sexy. ;)

My favorite part about Halloween is actually not the dressing up part, but rather the opportunity to try unique makeup looks that I never would any other time of the year. While it definitely wasn't anywhere near as dramatic as my Black Swan makeup from last year, I really liked this Arabian inspired look I created. Even more so than the makeup, I thought the sheer purple veil really made this outfit.

You don't really think that's it, do you? As I've mentioned, these were our first costumes. Faustina and I are going to another Halloween party tomorrow night and I will definitely share pictures of those costumes as well. Until then, have a lovely weekend!

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